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 “Such a unique magic show, presented by this wacky chef character. Everybody loved chef bananas.”  – Mom of the year 2023, St. Louis

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Chef bananas is a true celebrity in the St. Louis entertainment industry, with a reputation for delivering performances that leave kids in a fit of belly laughter and audiences in awe.

He’s become a renowned master of magic and children’s entertainment, earning praise and recognition from industry experts and fans alike.

A Show

like No Other

Chef Bananas’ show is a unique and thrilling experience for kids as young as 2 and as old as two digits and beyond!
The Chef Bananas show combines magic, music, comedy, dancing, and mind-bending illusions, with a focus on audience interaction. Inspired by his love for cooking banana bread, his magic is uplifting and has a lot of sweet honey-like bits.

Chef Bananas Whipping Up Delights for All Ages

Get Ready to Go Bananas!

If you want a banana-rific celebration, Chef Bananas is here to cook up a great party!

St. Louis’ #1 Kid’s Magician isn’t just a magician for kids. People of all ages GO BONKERS for him!

No one really knows what happened first – the truth is, Chef Bananas got certified as a sweet fruit culinarian and graduated from Kids Entertainer Academy at the exact same year – 1993!

With over 30 years of experience performing, he has perfected the art of entertaining kids, adults, and making banana shakes. And, even though he no longer offers banana shakes in his magic show, you will make your event fun and memorable when you book the Chef.

Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion, or school assembly, Chef Bananas will be sure to make your gathering one for the books! So gather ’round and let the magic begin!

“The best part about cooking stuff with bananas is… well… the bananas.” Chef Bananas

Specifics about the show

  • Chef Bananas is always on time.
  • He brings a professional sound system to make sure everyone can hear.
  • Incredible magic and great music is always included.
  • You get to see him pull some wacky things out of his yellow oven.
  • He'll get everyone up and moving around during his show.

Bananas of Joy

Chef Bananas Brings Smiles to Every Event


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Birthday Show

Library Show

Theatre Show

Hire Chef Bananas

For A Hassle-Free Party.

Take it from the satisfied clients that shared their experiences.

Corey Renaud

Owner – O’Fallon Goddard School

Shannon James

Director – Sun Valley Adult Care

Mrs. Andrea and Mrs. Moni

 Director and Asst. Director –  St. Peters Goddard School

With Chef Bananas on board, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your party is in good hands. His expertise as a kids entertainer is ripe and sweet, and he’ll peel away any worries you may have about the success of your event. And, if you need any help or have any questions, don’t split, just ask Chef Bananas! He’s always available to assist you, making your event planning process as easy as banana cream pie.

Bring the Fun to You – Chef Bananas Goes the Extra Mile

Serving the St. Louis Bi-State Area and Beyond

Make your event unforgettable with Chef Bananas, the entertainer who gives you more than just smiles, magic, happy kids, silly music and freshly baked experiences.

Based in Webster Groves, Chef Bananas is willing to travel as far as necessary to bring laughter and joy to your celebration, no matter where you’re located. He can drive, take a plane, bus, or even ride his bike to your event, wearing his signature chef attire.

No matter what, he’ll find a way to make your event bananas.

Let Chef Bananas take care of the entertainment, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities with your guests. Banana tea on us, as you enjoy watching the kids belly laugh from classic and timeless magic and comedy.

Don’t slip up – Contact us today to book Chef Bananas and unleash the fun!

From a Young Magician to the Entertainer Extraordinaire:

The Journey of Chef Bananas

Chad Jacobs, also known as Chef Bananas, is a professional comedy magician with over 40 years of experience performing magic, 29 years of experience as a professional chef, and 2 years of experience of identifying if bananas are ripe and sweet by tapping on them with a spoon.

APPROPRIATE TO ALL AGES – When you book Chad Jacobs you know you are getting a family friendly show, that is as clean as a 3 Michelin star kitchen counter. He, being a proud family man himself, faces the most demanding and surprising critics his restaurant and show have ever seen – his wife and two daughters.

ATTENTION TO DETAILS (like a 5 star maître de)
Chad’s background as a chef makes his magic show for kids easy to book, and fun to devour. He values clear communication and attentive customer service. Just like a dish is prepared fast and is not delayed, Chad insists on always arriving on time and tailors his show to meet the specific needs of your event, as if you chose something off menu. Each show is a promise for a huge success or no tip!

ENTERTAINED GUESTS = LOTES OF COMPLIMENTS FOR YOU – Since Chad knows the importance of people liking his dishes, he makes sure his magic show is engaging and entertaining. Expect a five star experience that your guests will cherish like a chocolate banana milkshake.

But that’s not all – Chad Jacobs also offers a unique and exciting service through his other entertainment company, “Foam Gone Bananas.” A foam party is a great way to add some extra fun to any gathering, and Chad is thrilled to also offer this service to his clients. Learn more at

You can trust Chef Bananas to provide quality, engaging, and memorable entertainment for everyone in attendance. Hire the “Chef” and your event will be yummy and energetic!


Chef Bananas knows the secret ingredient to any event: laughter!

Entertaining for Kids

Chef Bananas is the one to bring engaging magic to all ages. With his lively personality and unique character, the kids will be giggling and having a blast from beginning to end. Magic tricks, humor, music, and audience interaction are all a part of Chef Bananas signature dish that guarantees a wonderful event.


A live magic show is inspirational as you truly don’t know how the Chef does it. Prepare to witness incredible, ridiculously funny tricks. And to add a cherry on top – the show is very surprising. The kids will have so much fun and will be so well behaved that you will want the Chef to move in.


Chef Bananas brings a show that’s perfect for adults and kids alike. After all – we are all either young or young at heart – and Chef Bananas’ humor and magic tricks will mesmerize you and make you laugh. It’s the ultimate bonding experience for families. This show is proven to create lasting memories for the entire family.

Treat the little ones to an event they won’t stop talking about.

Booking An Event With Chef Bananas Is A Breeze


Fill out my contact form below.

Share your event details and find out if I’m available on your special day. (I will get back to you in 2 jiffies.)

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Get confirmation via email that I’m available on the day and time of your event. YAY! Then, You will pick the entertainment package that fits your needs and budget.

Send out invitations and get excited.

It’s time to get the word out! I’ll send you a customized graphic you can use for an invitation or on social media. NOW, its time to rest easy knowing that everything is arranged.

Our clients are so pleased they can’t keep quiet!

Hear what they say and see why Chef Bananas is their top choice.

Joe Fry

Director – Murphysboro, IL Park Service

Donna Plocher

Librarian – Highland, IL

choose the Right

Package for You

         Pricing below applies to small private events. Please get in touch for specific event prices.




Price: $300

  • 35-45 minute magic show
  • Magic, Music, Dancing & Comedy
  • Professional Sound System
  • Stickers or bookmarks for all the kids to take home
  • Customized party graphic to use for invitation or social media



Price: $475
  • Everything from the one banana package
  • 50-60 minute magic show
  • Birthday card magically created by all their friends during the show
  • A special birthday magic package as a gift
  • Two souvenirs - stickers and bookmarks for all their friends to take home


Price: $975

  • Everthing from the Bunch of Bananas package
  • Chef Bananas will stick around for an additional 30 minutes after the show to play games with the kids and take photos
  • Customized video invite to send to all the guests
  • Personalized video summarizing the party
  • Three souvenirs for each kid to take home including personalized Chef Bananas posters, Stickers AND bookmarks
  • Gag gift from the show for the birthday child and their family
  • Very special shoutout on the Chef Bananas social media

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Satisfied Customers

Amanda R. (Happy Parent)

"You Truly Saved the Day"

“Can’t thank you enough .. as soon as your show started, all was just fine .. I honestly didn’t have a single worry since everyone enjoyed you so much. All of our family is grateful. I was an absolute mess – so quite honestly – you’ll probably never understand the gravity of the thanks we have. You truly saved the day.”


"Hidden Jewel in St. Louis"

“Chef Bananas is a hidden jewel in the St Louis area. I had him at my son’s 5th birthday party and his presence, humor, and interaction with the children and parents made the party. I have also seen him on stage – creative and engaging!”


Xoxo Eboni B. (HAPPY PARENT)

"It Was Actually a Show"

“Chef Bananas was amazing! He was very easy to talk to, quick to respond, super professional, and the kids LOVED him! What we loved most about his show was it was actually a show! This was just not a few magic tricks here and there… it was a real show with a real production!! Thanks Chef Bananas for helping to make my daughter’s birthday party a very memorable blast!”


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Money back guarantee

We’re so confident that everyone will love the show that we offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund the entire cost of the magic show or entertainment package you booked from Chef Bananas. It’s that simple.

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